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Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash

Below are articles I've been quoted or featured in.

"Chipper Cash Rolls out new Changes for its new Customers in Nigeria" (My comments)

"Consumer advocates urge caution as open banking kicks off" (My comments)

"8 New Fintech Newsletters You Should Be Reading" (Recommending Fintech Radar)

"In Australia, data is the new salt" (Guest post)

"Australian neobank growth 'a little terrifying'" (My comments)

"Government blockchain plan 'lacks vision'" (My comments)

"Crypto startups look to Facebook's 'Zuck Bucks' for boost" (My comments)

"'Open banking' era dawns in Australia" (My comments)

"Consumer advocates urge caution as open banking kicks off" (My comments)

“We have a lot to lose”: New fintech minister is a welcome nod to profitable startup sector, but there’s more to be done (My comments)

"Top seven fintech business lenders compliant with new code of conduct" (My comments)

"Start-ups worried ACCC's proposed merger law changes could halt investment" (My comments)

"A perfect storm: New FinTech Australia chair Alan Tsen says the time for financial disruption is now" (My comments)

"Fintech revenue growth surges: EY census" (My Comments)

"Changing of the guard at FinTech Australia as the industry faces tough challenges" (My comments)

"Stone & Chalk partners with SproutX for Melbourne “agri-fintech” startup hub" (My comments)

"RMIT launches blockchain strategy course to educate business leaders" (My comments)

"RMIT joins forces with Stone and Chalk to launch blockchain course for entrepreneurs and business leaders" (My comments)

"Stone & Chalk to open in Melbourne, backed by AustralianSuper, NAB, ANZ" (My comments)

"Australia ranks fifth in world for fintech adoption, but the sector says there’s a long way to go" (My comments)

"Is Ethereum the new Bitcoin?" (My comments)

"The perfect storm - Alan Tsen on fintech opportunities for the profession" (Interview with me)

"FinTech Australia Reappoints Alan Tsen As Chair & Introduces New Director Roles" (My comments)

"In Conversation with Alan Tsen, General Manager, Stone & Chalk – Part One" (Interview with me)

"In Conversation with Alan Tsen, General Manager, Stone & Chalk – Part Two" (Interview with me)

"Open Banking delayed to 2020" (My Comments)

"Bipartisan group for blockchain" (My Comments)

"Can DigitalX ride the blockchain hype train?" (My Comments)

"New Fintech Plan For Melbourne" (My Comments)

"Fintech in focus" (Fintech Victoria - Fintech Victoria profile)

"Don’t write off bitcoin yet, despite blow to Winklevoss plan" (Bitcoin - my comments)

"New blockchain standard will drive innovation in Australian fintech startups" (Blockchain Technology - my comments)

"How digital innovation is transforming banking" (Blockchain Technology - my comments)

"Blockchain technology extends to agricultural contracts" (Blockchain Technology - my comments)

Big Banks Ramp Up Blockchain Trials (Blockchain Technology - my comments)

"GST On Crowd Funding Activities Could Be A "Compliance Nightmare" for Start-ups" (Taxation of Crowdfunding - my comments)

"Bitlicence Provides Reality Check For Startups" (Bitcoin regulation)

"ATO delays position on bitcoin - but gives some guidance via private binding ruling" (Taxation of bitcoin)

"The winners and losers from the ATO’s bitcoin guidance" (Taxation of bitcoin)

"ATO bitcoin ruling may hamper digital currency sector growth" (Taxation of bitcoin - my comments)

"Alice in ATAR-Land" (Education)