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I'm Hanging Up My Stone & Chalk Vest

Alan Tsen
Alan Tsen
2 min read
I'm Hanging Up My Stone & Chalk Vest

It seems like yesterday I sat down with Alex (our CEO) to chat about how we could bring Stone & Chalk to Melbourne. We chatted about the vibrant Victorian startup ecosystem and what an amazing opportunity it would be to expand Stone & Chalk to this state. After our conversation, I knew I needed to be part of the journey. I was all in... and so the work began.

Hanging up my S&C vest

Today, I want to let you all know I'm hanging up my Stone & Chalk Patagonia vest to take a break while I contemplate what my next big adventure will be.

It's been an amazing 2 years and I've loved every second being the GM of Stone & Chalk Melbourne. The community of more than 200 residents, has been a constant inspiration to me. I've loved coming to work everyday to our passionate, inspirational community of builders - all trying to do amazing things to make the near term future a reality. It's been an honour to serve the community and be a small part of their startup journey.

It's time to put on another vest... but first some time off

Although, I never thought I'd say this - it's time to think about what's next for me. However, before I do, I'll be taking some time to enjoy the (figurative) sun. I'll be chilling, drinking coffee, writing and tweeting for the next few months.

Although, I won't be in the building as of Wednesday (21/8), I'll continue to advocate for the fintech ecosystem through my role as Chair of Fintech Australia. Also, I'll continue to be available for any founder that wants to grab a coffee... always feel free to reach out if your termsheet has a 3x liquidation preference in it.

Ain't no vest like an S&C vest

Thanks again to everyone who was part of the journey over the last two years. Again, I'm super proud to have played a small part in building Stone & Chalk in Melbourne.

Stone & Chalk Melbourne will continue to be the centre of gravity for fintech in Melbourne and will be where the most talented, ambitious founders will continue to call home. I wish the team all the best as they build the future of innovation here at the Goods Shed North.

Much love



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