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Banks Get Behind Blockchain Technology

Alan Tsen
Alan Tsen
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Banks Get Behind Blockchain Technology

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It's looking like 2015 will be a break out year for the application of blockchain technology in the banking and finance sector. Banks are starting to really embrace the technology with many piloting blockchain based applications and some are even investing directly in startups in the space.

Banks are getting behind blockchain technology in a big way. Many are starting to see the possibilities of running clearing, settlement and internal fund transactions through a blockchain.

Below is a list of financial institutions that are currently experimenting with blockchain technology. Some are further down the track than others - but all are keenly investigating the technology's potential.

About The Table

In the table below I've included a list of financial institutions who've been mentioned in the media as experimenting with Blockchain technology. The list is a work in progress. As information changes and further banks begin experimenting with Bitcoin/blockchain technology I'll add or amend entries in the table.

If there are any errors or omissions please feel free to flick me an email at

Bank Country Technology Stack / Activities
ANZ Australia Ripple
Commonwealth Bank Australia Ripple
Westpac Australia Ripple
Barclays Bank  UK Bitcoin (Safello)
Santander Bank UK Internal proof of concept
UBS UK Research lab
DBS Bank UK Hackathon
USAA US Internal research
Bank Of New York Mellon US Bitcoin (BK Coin)
LHV Bank Estonia Bitcoin (Coloured Coins)
BBVA Bank Spain Internal experiments
ABN Amro Netherlands Internal experiments
ING Bank Netherlands Internal experiments
Rabobank Netherlands Internal experiments
BNP Paribas France Internal Research
Société Générale France Internal research and experiments
Fidor Germany Ripple
CBW Bank US Ripple
Cross River Bank US Ripple
 Citibank  US Own Tech (Citicoin)
 NASDAQ  US Bitcoin (Chain)

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