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A New Ritual

Alan Tsen
Alan Tsen
1 min read
A New Ritual
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I love writing. However, I’m not sure it loves me back. Depending on the rotation of the sun, my mood, or the topic I’m mulling over, the process can range from cathartic to downright painful.

Regardless, everyday I (digitally) scribble my thoughts and ideas into my note taking app of choice (currently, Reflect) and file them away for future use.

I’m going to try (operative word being ‘try’) to turn these daily private notes into more public ones. Alongside my weekly fintech-focused newsletter, I’m going to share my thoughts on whatever is top of mind for me that day. Fair warning: it’s likely most posts will be tech-related – after all, that’s what I spend the most time on – but occasionally I’ll try to put together some prose on other topics.

I promise they’ll be short, mainly pithy and occasionally heretical, so feel free to swing by every so often to my corner of the web to check them out. See you soon!


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🌞 Day: Looking for my next thing 🌚 Night: investor in fintech startups + former chair of Fintech Australia, writer of Fintech Radar.