Things I’m (currently) excited about in 2010

The new year seems to be bringing with it a plethora of new and exciting gadgets, ideas and start-ups. Here is a short list of things I’m really excited about in 2010.

The Apple Tablet

Rumour has it that the iSlate (as it seems it will be called) is going to be released on either the 26th or 27th of January. The excitement this thing is creating on the net is amazing.

Personally, I think the real story from the Apple tablet release will be what it will do for Apple in the business market. Most business people love mobile anything (think the laptop, Blackberry, iPhone etc), and if the iPhone was Apple’s entree into the business space the tablet could be its main meal. The possibilities that the tablet creates in the mobile computing space for entrepreneurs is amazing. Bring on the iSlate.

The Google Phone

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m the biggest iPhone fanboy ever and I’m considering getting a Nexus One.

It looks like Apple’s near monopoly in the smartphone market is now being challenged by the all conquering Google. Considering that the Nexus One has true Google integration (i.e. Gmail, Google voice etc) this could seriously rock the boat and present a true alternative to the iPhone.

Check out for a demo of the phone.


Having only started in roughly November of last year the buzz surrounding this start-up is amazing. This is not surprising given that they have top flight venture capitalist Vinod Khosla as an investor and the one of the founders is Jack Dorsey (of Twitter fame).

Broadly, Square is an app that allows “businesses to accept and pay via physical credit cards on a mobile device…” (i.e. iPhone).

Currently in beta, Square looks to be at the forefront of the smartphone/EFPOS/credit card machine space. Looks uber interesting. Maybe now someone can come up with a way to slay those merchant fees?

Check out this clip to see the app in action –

Green Technology

Blah, blah Copenhagen, blah, blah CPRS, blah, blah. This is what it feels like every time I read about climate change.

Currently, the media is saturated with stories about carbon trading and what governments plan on doing about climate change.  However, I think 2010 will see the continuing success stories of small green tech start-ups. This is the next dot-com boom and 2010 may be a breakout year.