My New Project: The Week In Bitcoin

TL;DR – I’m starting a weekly curated email newsletter that covers the most important happenings in the world of Bitcoin – I’ll also be including some great articles from ‘cold storage’ for those new to Bitcoin. Best of all, it is totally FREE and you can sign-up HERE to get the first issue this Friday (23/01/2015).

I fundamentally believe that Bitcoin will change the way a whole array of industries are structured over the next decade. Basically, any industry that can take advantage of blockchain technology will be disrupted in a major way.

The future is exciting and I know many are hungry to learn about what’s happening in the world of Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency more generally).

For Bitcoin to have the impact that many of us believe it will, it is vital that great writing is dispersed evenly across the whole community – from those new to the space, to those wanting to keep up to date. I think that knowledge is crucially important for us to continue to have intelligent conversations about how to regulate, advocate and promote Bitcoin at scale.

However, one of the challenges many face when trying to learn about Bitcoin (and keep up to date, for that matter) is finding content that is well written that actually illuminates, not obscures, what is happening in the ecosystem. Anyone who has gone down the proverbial ‘Bitcoin rabbit hole’ will tell you that the quality of writing out there varies dramatically. What makes Bitcoin challenging to report on is the fact that it draws in so many disparate areas of knowledge – for example, cryptography, law, programming, security and economics.

Having said this, quality writing on Bitcoin does exist. In fact, this is one of the things that is often forgotten about when speaking of progress in the ecosystem. Bitcoin journalism is getting better – dramatically better. But, as with all things, the good stuff is damn hard to find. Unless you spend a disproportionate amount of time sifting through the noise, it can be really hard to get past the usual “Bitcoin is dead” articles.

This is specifically why I’ve started ‘The Week In Bitcoin’.

So What Is The ‘The Week in Bitcoin’?

Every Friday, I’ll be sending out a curated email that aggregates the week’s most important news in Bitcoin. I’ll also provide my commentary on why I think the article is interesting/ important/ enlightening. So if you’re wanting to avoid sifting through all the gaff out there and just want the most interesting stuff in Bitcoin delivered to your inbox each week, The Week In Bitcoin is for you (HERE IS A LINK to sign-up right now).

Here’s the best part, it is totally FREE and will be delivered weekly.

At the moment I plan to have two main sections, one with the week’s most important news and happenings in Bitcoin and the second being what I call ‘Cold Storage’, which will have a few selected articles aimed at those new to Bitcoin who want to back fill their knowledge.

Along the way I also plan on doing some really interesting little experiments with bitcoin – I already have a few cool ideas planned.

A Quick Favour…

I truly believe that Bitcoin (and blockchain technology, more generally) will change the world and I want to contribute to the space in a positive way, but I need your help.

Firstly, sign-up to my newsletter HERE and let me know what you think – regardless of whether you love what I’m doing or you think it sucks. All feedback is welcome. Also, once you subscribed don’t forget to tweet it out (HERE is a pre-formatted tweet for you).

Secondly, let anyone you know who is interested, is deeply involved in Bitcoin or just wants something interesting in their inbox on a weekly basis know about ‘The Week In Bitcoin’ (

That’s it, now let the work begin.

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