Double Down On The 6% Who Care

Figuring out where to spend your time when growing a start-up is a hard thing (if not the most important thing). At the beginning everything seems like it’s a great idea – each tactic seems like it’s going to be the thing that results in another quarter of double digit growth. However, we all know very few ideas actually end up moving the proverbial needle.

To this extent, I was reading a really interesting post on the Yammer blog that is definitely worth sharing. In an interview with the founders of OneTrueFan a fascinating stat came up regarding web traffic. According to the founders of OneTrueFan:

“… 84 percent of your site visitors only come once a month and if you talk to those people an hour later they don’t even know what site they actually visited. When you dig deeper to finding out who your true passionate fans are, it only amounts to six percent of visitors that read more on your site….”

This within itself is not a surprising insight when you think about your own web search/ reading patterns. However, what is interesting is the piece of advice they offer for driving traffic to your site. They suggest:

“… website owners shouldn’t be wasting their time driving that one shot traffic that makes up the 84 percent, but rather focusing on the six percent of visitors that really can have impact on your site and care about your site.”

Put simply, double down on great content and the people who care about it. A simple tactic but one that might just help move the needle.