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Be A Better Growth Hacker By Learning To Stalk Your Most Engaged Users

Be A Better Growth Hacker By Learning To Stalk Your Most Engaged Users

Ok, let me start with a quick clarification (/disclaimer). In this article I won’t be advocating peering into your customers’ homes and seeing what they do at night. That would just be creepy. Instead, I’ll be looking at ways you can better adjust your product through observing what your most engaged customers are doing.

Which Customers Should I Stalk?

This is the question that many find hard to answer. The reality is that not all customers are created equally and looking at them all as a lump of data can lead to product changes that can push you down the wrong side of the hockey stick. This is generally amplified when you have a small data set to work from.

Let me propose an alternative approach. Why not try stalking your most fervent user? After all, they’re the ones who have found the value in your product. They’re the ones who (for one reason or another) have found the ‘magic’ in it. Besides, focusing in on the positives will give you an idea of what is actually working – which is generally the stuff you want to double down on anyway.

3 Simple Customer Service Hacks

3 Simple Customer Service Hacks

Many see customer service as a shield – a way to defend their business from the dreaded leaky bucket syndrome. However, modern customer service has become about getting out in front of your customers (or potential customers) and letting them know that you’ve got them covered.

The bar has been raised in terms of what customers expect from your business. In fact, one might argue that it’s almost impossible to build a successful new brand without drop dead amazing customer service. The simple reason for this is that too many brands have made it the norm, the accepted state of play. Table stakes.

The best example of this is Zappos. Everyone has heard about their maniacal focus on customer service. In fact, they’ve built a whole company around ’wow’ customer service. Think free upgrades and a call centre that isn’t focused on getting its ‘complaining’ customers off the phone, but actually wants to help. If you ask me, this is some of the best marketing you can do. Some ‘I give a crap about my customers’ marketing is priceless. Which is great for Zappos, but not so great for the average 3 man start-up.

To help inject a little Zappos customer care magic into your business here are 3 really simple hacks to improve your customer service today.

Double Down On The 6% Who Care

Double Down On The 6% Who Care

Figuring out where to spend your time when growing a start-up is a hard thing (if not the most important thing). At the beginning everything seems like it’s a great idea – each tactic seems like it’s going to be the thing that results in another quarter of double digit growth. However, we all know very few ideas actually end up moving the proverbial needle.

To this extent, I was reading a really interesting post on the Yammer blog that is definitely worth sharing. In an interview with the founders of OneTrueFan a fascinating stat came up regarding web traffic. According to the founders of OneTrueFan:

“… 84 percent of your site visitors only come once a month and if you talk to those people an hour later they don’t even know what site they actually visited. When you dig deeper to finding out who your true passionate fans are, it only amounts to six percent of visitors that read more on your site….”

One of my favourite companies

I’m a fan of studying businesses. They provide awesome insights into what works and what doesn’t work. The real world is the best test of a business plan and its execution.

One of the businesses that I love reading about is If you haven’t heard of them you need to check them out HERE. Here is a really brief background: was founded in 1999 with the goal of becoming the premiere destination for online shoes (according to their website).